Tribes Learning Community

A key strategy in our creation of a positive climate for learning at Kilsyth Primary School is our ‘Tribes Learning Community’ approach. As a Tribes school, we value greatly the four key ‘Tribes Agreements’ of: Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Participation & the Right to Pass and Appreciation.  Outlined below, these form the basis of our social skills curriculum and are incorporated into every part of our school day.

Another element of our Tribes approach is the formation of student tribes. Made up of a mix of students from Foundation to Year 6, each tribe has a student leader and is supported by a teacher.  These tribes meet fortnightly and students undertake a range of activities ranging from social skill building and collaboration opportunities to community service activities and celebratory events.  The mixture of age groups provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop supportive friendships with students from all year levels, and links in with our Buddies program.

Mutual Respect

Treating people in a way that shows them that you think they are important and valued.

We do this through our words, our actions and our attitude.

Attentive Listening

Listening with your EARS for what they are saying with their voice;

Listening with your EYES to what they are saying with their body:

Listening with your HEART to understand what they are feeling.

Participation & the Right to Pass

Encouraging everyone to take an active part. we all have a right to participate and be included.

We can also choose to pass if we are not ready to join in just yet.


Showing gratitude and appreciating what others can bring to the team.
We can learn and benefit just as much from our differences as our similarities.  We value diversity
We value people.

Tribes gives my son a chance to get to know students from across the school.  It has really helped him with his social skills.