School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

At Kilsyth Primary School, staff, students
and families work together to build
positive learning environments.  
We value Excellence, Resilience and Respect

as we strive to 

‘Be The Best You Can Be.’

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

School-wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a whole-school framework which provides a research based approach to promote positive behaviour at our school. The SWPBS approach has been developed from evidence and data, demonstrating the most effective ways to prevent and respond to problem behaviour, improve school culture and increase academic performance.

At Kilsyth Primary School our SWPBS approach is underpinned by our school values.  We expect students to demonstrate behaviours that reflect:

Excellence, Resilience and Respect.  

Our teachers explicitly teach these behaviour expectations in line with our Behaviour Matrix and the Victorian Curriculum. 

Read more about our Behaviour Matrix


Our school motto of ‘Be the Best You Can Be!’ drives all that we do at KPS.  We strive for excellence in our learning, in our play, in the classrooms and in the yard.  Excellence is a frame of mind as well as a level of performance.  Excellence involves taking pride in what we can achieve.  We take pride in our school, in our grounds and our classrooms and we seek to keep looking as great as they possibly can. We wear our school uniform with pride. We take pride in knowing that we have always done our best to step up to a challenge and persevered until we have achieved our goals. We set  high expectations of ourselves and our friends. When we reach a goal we celebrate our achievement and then look to what is next. We aren’t satisfied with good enough- we always strive to do better.
Life brings challenges. Sometimes things are hard. These can’t always be avoided, but they can be prepared for.  When life puts a hurdle in our way, we do all we can to get over it.  We climb, we jump, we scramble and once we make it over we keep running the race.  This is resilience.  Resilience involves facing challenges and having the resources to get past the challenge and keep heading toward our goal.  By thinking flexibly and persisting we can recover and move on.  Sometimes other people’s comments or actions hurt our feelings.  When we have strategies to draw on and support from others we can bounce back from this, restore what was broken and move forward.  Resilient learners are able to stay focused on a task they find hard, they manage distraction and persevere until they solve the problem. When faced with a challenge resilient people adapt and become stronger than the challenge.
We show respect when we show someone we think they are important.  We show respect through our words, our actions and our attitudes.  We show respect to people, to property and things, and to ourselves.  Sometimes we don’t agree with someone, or we feel frustrated by a situation – it is times like this that we must be intentional in showing that we think they are important anyway.  Showing respect is showing someone you think they are important – even when you might not be feeling it.  These are the times when showing respect is hardest, but vital.  We value people, we value their feelings, we value their experience, we value their diversity, we value their contribution. We show that we value these things by showing respect.  We are respectful in the way we speak, the words we use and the tone of our voice.  We are respectful in the way we use our bodies, looking at people speaking to us, standing straight and tall.  We are respectful in the way we give people our attention and listen to what they have to say, we value their ideas and opinions.


A key element of our SWPBS approach is to acknowledge and recognise students who are seen meeting the school expectations:

 Excellence, Resilience & Respect.

As part of our school wide acknowledgement system Students receive feather tokens which are collected and tallied towards a common goal. When the school reaches the set goal there will be a School Wide Celebration.

Our teachers and support staff have received training in providing positive feedback. Recognition and feedback reinforces the desired actions from students. When students are given positive feedback, it encourages their peers to notice such acts and also change their behaviours to positively meet our school values and expectations.