Our Annual Implementation Plan for 2016 outlines the goals, strategies and actions that will be our improvement focus for 2016.  These can be summarised as follows:


Goal: To improve student learning growth for all students

Key Improvement Strategies: Build teacher capacity to use current research and data to inform the teaching of literacy (reading)


  1. Articulate and improve literacy (reading) practices across the school.
  2. Implement a Literacy Intervention program from Yrs 1-3
  3. Improve the collection, analysis and use of student reading data.



Goal:  To enhance the wellbeing of all students

Key Improvement Strategies: 

  1. Build staff capacity to develop orderly learning environments (Positive Climate for Learning
  2. Develop processes and programs that promote positive behaviour and respond to the physical, emotional and academic needs of all students


  1. Increase teacher understanding of student behaviour and effective responses/interventions
  2. Investigate school-wide processes and practices that promote a positive climate for learning



Goal: To provide a stimulating and productive learning environment that engages students in all aspects of school life

Key Improvement Strategies: Develop, articulate and implement effective, contemporary curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and reporting.

Actions: Develop a deep knowledge of and implement the Victorian Curriculum across the school



Goal:  To focus our resources, expertise and energies on what matters most (as described by the school’s strategic direction, goals and improvement areas)

Key Improvement Strategies: Clearly define what matters most at Kilsyth Primary School and establish practices and processes that ensure resources, expertise and energies are focused in this direction


  1. Promote a culture of leadership and collaboration
  2. Develop a clearly defined vision and direction for Kilsyth Primary School



Read more detail by downloading our 2016 AIP here