Starting school for the first time, or starting at a new school doesn’t have to be daunting!

At Kilsyth Primary School we would love to meet with you and learn about your child so that we can support your family to have a smooth transition into school. The best way to do this is to book a personalised tour where you can visit the school, meet with our principal Mr Daniel Gooding and ask any questions you may have.

We have also included a link to the “Find My School” website so you can easily locate your local school.  All government schools are great schools, and this website will show help you locate schools near you.  At Kilsyth Primary School, we do not have a cap on enrolments and happily accept enrolments from outside of our ‘zone’ should parents request it.  Book a Tour now to discuss how we can best meet your child’s needs.

Preparing YOUR CHILD for their first year of school

At Kilsyth we provide fun and relaxed opportunities for your child to become familiar with their new school, teachers and learning environments. This begins with the Open Day in May, the year before your child is due to begin Foundation.  From May through to December we offer a range of activities for your child to help them make the transition to school. These include play based introductory sessions, experiencing our literacy and numeracy programs, and taking part in our specialist Visual Arts, Physical Education and Science classes.

Preparing yourself for the first year of school

We also offer sessions for parents, run concurrently with the student program, parents are presented with our school programs and policies and given an opportunity to ask questions and get to know our teachers and other staff.  This transition program provides a great time for you and your child to get to know others who will be sharing in your journey and helps you quickly become a part of our school community.

Building Confidence

In addition to these activities there are many things you can do to help you child prepare for school, building their confidence and excitement about starting at Kilsyth. The Department of Education website has some helpful ideas and we also invite you to visit the school over the weekends, allowing your child to play in the grounds and become comfortable with their surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that making the transition to school can raise many questions.  Here are some we are often asked. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to answer any queries you might have.
When should my child start school?
To start primary school your child will need to turn five years of age by 30 April of the year that they start school. Your child must be at school in the year that they turn six years of age – this is the compulsory school starting age.
Is my child ready for school?

Children reach milestones at different ages – they walk at different ages, they talk at different ages and they show a readiness for school at different ages.  Language development and the ability to self-regulate emotion are two indicators of a child’s readiness for school.  It is important for children to be able to understand and follow instructions, communicate their needs clearly and manage their emotion when they don’t get their own way.  It is these abilities that indicates a readiness for school, rather than a child’s literacy or numeracy skill development.

At KPS we welcome students with a range of strengths when they start school.  Some children can read a little and write basic words, others are yet to master the alphabet.  Some have excellent oral language skills, others have a limited vocabulary. We understand that students develop at different rates and we spend the first weeks of your child’s time with us getting to know them, their strengths and areas for growth and we plan our curriculum to meet their needs.

How do I enrol my child at Kilsyth Primary School?
Download and complete the enrolment form and submit this to the office along with copies of your child’s birth certificate and immunisation record.  You can download the form here.
Can I enrol my child during the school year?
Kilsyth Primary School welcomes students transferring from other schools and aims to make this a positive experience for your family. We encourage you to book a personalised tour where we can discuss options to ensure a smooth transition for your child as they enter our school. Book a tour here
How do you support my child's transition into Foundation?
We have an excellent transition program for students starting Foundation.  This involves regular sessions in the months before they start school.  Click here for a copy of the dates and sessions.  Once they officially begin school the transition continues with shorter sessions in small groups on the first few days to help ease them into school life.  During Term One, Foundation students do not attend school on Wednesdays.  This time is used for their class teacher to meet each student one-on-one to complete some preliminary assessments and get to know your child well.
How do you support my child's transition into other year levels?
Students joining us in Years 1 to 6 are paired with a buddy to help them settle smoothly into school. This buddy takes them on a tour of the school and introduces them to other students.  We also have end of term morning teas with all new students to give them a chance to share their experience of Kilsyth PS.
How does the KPS Buddies Program work?

Our Buddies Program begins during our transition program with your child pairing up with a Year 4 buddy during transition sessions. When the school year begins, your child and their (now Year 5) buddy sharing a range of experiences throughout the year including: shared reading activities, lunches together, games outside and regular classroom visits. This buddy relationship continues for two years, until your child completes Year 1 and their buddy transitions to secondary school.

The buddies undergo a special training program in Year 4 in readiness for being big buddies in Year 5. They learn strategies to support their little buddies in the playground with social skill development and as learning role models in the classroom. Big buddies and their little buddies are paired for tribes and other activities, building leadership capacity in our senior students and fostering a strong sense of community and school spirit.

Or email your questions to kilsyth.ps@education.vic.gov.au and we will get back to you ASAP.