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The Sentral Parent Portal provides parents with specific and personalised access to the Sentral program. Access is password protected and each family, or even a specific parent, will only have access to information regarding children in their care.  Privacy and confidentiality is a key feature of the Sentral program.


By accessing the Sentral Parent Portal, parents will be able to:

  • Book interview times with your child’s teacher
  • Send and receive messages to/from your child’s teacher
  • Submit absence notifications and explanations
  • Access your child’s end of semester reports
  • Receive notices about and provide permission and payment for school excursions and events

You can access the Sentral Parent Portal Here…

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Frequently Asked Questions…
How do I get involved in life at KPS?
We value parent involvement in all aspects of our school.  Speak to your child’s teacher about opportunities to help out in class, attend excursions, join us for sports events and other ways to join in with school life.  Parents are also welcome to become involved in School Council, our various Sub-Committees and, of course, come along to our working bees each term.
Does the school have a canteen?
We do not have a canteen operating at KPS.  Lunch orders are delivered by Subway (Montrose) each Friday – orders must be placed on Thursday. We also sell milo and donuts once a week in winter months and icy-poles once a week in summer months as a fundraiser.

Talking with your child about racism

As a school community we are exceptionally proud of all our students regardless of their religious beliefs, their family situation, their gender, their ethnicity or the colour of their skin.  We celebrate diversity at our school.  We respect diversity at our school.  We value respect.  We expect respect.  We show respect. It’s what we do.

We also recognise that children come to school to learn.  They come to learn to read and write, to add and subtract.  They also come to school to learn how to interact with others socially and to regulate their emotions.  They are learning what is appropriate in different circumstances and what is unacceptable in our community.  They need an opportunity to learn, and we need an opportunity to teach them.

However, from time to time, there are issues which arise.  Sometimes, students make racial remarks.  These are often phrases that children have heard and are repeating without thought, usually without any racist intent.  However, they do not realise the significance that these words have when adults use them in our community, nor the hurt and shame they inflict on the people they are said to.  

We do not tolerate racism at our school. It is hurtful, harmful and abhorrent to direct insults at a person based on their skin colour or ethnicity.


Over recent times, we have been doing some significant work in further strengthening cultural understanding and safety at our school.  We want all students to feel they belong here, that they are respected here.  We have made some fabulous strides forward in this area and proud of our achievements.

We are asking for your support as we attempt to stamp out racially directed language in our community.  We would appreciate you finding a quiet time to sit with your child and discuss the importance of respect, and the harmful and unacceptable nature of racism.  Help them to know what is and is not appropriate to say, and what to do if they hear or see instances of racially directed language.  We have put together some links to some online resources that might help you prepare for this conversation.
These include:
We would welcome a discussion with you if you would like to talk further about this issue and its impact on our community.